How to use the diving table timing circle? What is the use of the diving table timing circle?

75 Published by admin Jul 05,2019

Dive watch's rotary table ring can be said to be one of the important features of the diving table, to remind the role of diving time.The mark scale of rotating table ring is 15, 30, 45, because the general diving oxygen bottle can only hold 45 minutes, some are marked 60 minutes scale.The first 15 minutes are colored or marked, and the diver strictly observes a 15 minute safe stop on the ascent to release all nitrogen absorbed from the cylinder.Usually as long as the rotation of the table circle when diving, so that the 0 scale on the table circle on the minute hand, and then see the corresponding table circle after walking the scale can know the diving time.

Rolex 4000-904l stainless steel watch. Rolex brings back this legendary diver watch from 1967 with its modern oyster constant motion Marine watch.The 40mm technical diver watch is waterproof to a depth of 1,220 meters (4,000 feet) and incorporates rolex's innovative technologies and devices, including the Cerachrom ceramic ring, the long-lasting luminous Chromalight nightlight material, paramagnetic blue Parachrom gossamer, oyster safety buckle and the rolex Glidelock strap extension.Originally designed for professional deep-sea diving pioneers, the sea ambassador 4000 is equipped with rolex patented helium exhaust valve in 1967, making it live up to its reputation as a deep-sea diving watch.During depressurization, the pressure rises and a cleverly designed safety valve releases helium gas from the case, ensuring the watch is effectively waterproof.

Because of oxygen limitations, countdown reminders are crucial for divers, who can develop decompression sickness if they rise too quickly due to oxygen shortages.Therefore, the rotary table is a smart and very practical function at the same time.The rotation of the outer table ring is designed as a single counterclockwise direction, now the latest design is more than a safety switch to control the table ring arbitrary rotation and lock.