What is the principle of automatic mechanical watch

70 Published by admin Jul 30,2019

What is the principle of automatic mechanical watchAutomatic mechanical watch is based on the ordinary mechanical watch structure, added a part of the automatic mechanism device, through the wearing of the arm movement in daily life automatically wound.Dial printed with the word "Automatic", indicating the Automatic mechanical table, which is also fully Automatic mechanical table and semi-automatic mechanical table.

To understand the principle of automatic mechanical table needs to know its automatic mechanism, automatic mechanism by the weight (automatic pendulum tuo) swing, through the automatic on the wheel system and the original dynamic system to achieve the automatic on this special function.

Around 1920 in England, watchmaker John Howard invented the prototype of the modern automatic mechanical watch, the principle of the automatic mechanical watch laid the foundation for the development of automatic mechanical watch industry.But he was not the first to make automatic watches.As early as in 1770, there was a Swiss, Louis boleyn produced the first automatic watch.Because it is handmade, it is rarely seen in the second-hand market.Because it is the predecessor and birthplace of modern automatic mechanical watch.Thus the Swiss watchmaking industry became famous.

Automatic mechanical table principle of semi-automatic and automatic difference: automatic mechanical table driving weight hammer (that is, automatic pendulum tuo), through a set of automatic wheel system for automatic winding of the transmission system, through the arm swing automatic winding.Due to the different working states of the hammer and automatic winding system used in automatic watches, the structure of automatic mechanical watches can be divided into the following four types:

1. Oscillating one-way upper strip;

2. Swing two-way winding;

3. Rotary one-way upper bar movement,

4. Rotary two-way winding;

The automatic swinging hammer can only swing about 120° in the table machine, which is semi-automatic.Rotary automatic weight in the table machine can do 360° rotation, said fully automatic, this is the semi-automatic and automatic mechanical table principle.

In the early automatic mechanical table table has produced automatic weight in the heart of the table two grooves for linear reciprocating motion, this automatic mechanism called the bucket automatic;Due to its poor effect on the early elimination.But also because of its limited production, very valuable collection.

Part of the automatic mechanical table on the dial has a pointer, showing the stock of automatic winding, can judge the reliability of automatic winding.Because the mechanism is complex, need to have 14 parts, so the use of this kind of mechanism of automatic watch is not many.