Knowledge of mechanical watch magnetic and degaussing methods

154 Published by admin Apr 22,2019

Mechanical watches by magnetic believe you have heard of, and the magnetic field relative to the mechanical watch, like the flu for a baby, it is easy to let the mechanical hand magnetic watchband.

Mechanical watch by magnetic phenomenon

Mechanical watches are magnetic field attached to the magnetic will be how?It will make the timing of the mechanical watch is not accurate, the most common phenomenon is to make the mechanical watch timing faster, if you are wearing a mechanical watch, you can usually pay attention to the error, if you watch by magnetic, the error of the watch will increase.In the case of severe magnetic field, the error of one day goes to one hour.


Mechanical watch whether by magnetic judgment method

 Is there any other way to know if it's magnetized than by looking at the error?If it is slightly affected by magnetic, it is difficult to find, we can use the guide to detect, first the horizontal position of the stationary compass, and then the watch gently close to the compass, if the compass has a deflection, may be affected by magnetic, you can try several times, the greater the deflection, the more serious the magnetic.

Mechanical watch by magnetic how to deal with

 When our mechanical watches by magnetic, we must carry on the degaussing operation, there are many methods and tips for watch degaussing, small make up feel, the most practical is using the degaussing watch demagnetizer, degaussing easy operation, and convenient, if their own home without the tool, can go to watch shop for demagnetization, most are free give you demagnetization, rapid effect is good!