The internal structure of an mechanical watch

85 Published by admin Jul 08,2019

The development of mechanical watches has gone through hundreds of years of history.Up to now, mechanical watch structure can be said to be very precise.Today introduce the internal structure of automatic watch.

A, classification,

Mechanical watches are generally divided into the following two types: hand chain and automatic watch.These two mechanical power sources are driven by the movement of the spring, drive the gear and then push the needle, but the source of power is different.Clockwork on the hand of the mechanical watch is relying on the power of the hand, the thickness of the movement than the general automatic winding of a few thin, relatively speaking, the weight of the watch is light.And the automatic chain of the watch, is the use of the movement of the automatic rotation of the disk from side to side to generate power to drive the spring, but relatively speaking, the thickness of the watch is larger than the hand wound table.

B, the structure of Watch gear

Watch gear transmission system, especially the main transmission wheel system, widely used a so-called arc tooth shape.The tooth profile is wiring evolved, for pure cycloidal tooth profile processing is difficult, therefore, use circular arc to replace cycloid, also called modified cycloid tooth shape, can make the gear shaft with a minimum of 6 teeth, and thus in wheel teeth without too much can be achieved under the condition of large transmission ratio, the diameter, reducing machine center on high frequency and extremely strong in the watches.Transmission efficiency is relatively high, generally can reach about 95%.Due to the small size of the watch machine, the storage of energy is not large, if the energy loss is too large, will directly affect the quality of the watch.Greater sensitivity to machining errors.Such as tooth shape error and center distance error, will cause the change of meshing characteristics.Because of its tooth shape by meshing a pair of gear and modulus, so the number of teeth and modulus is different, the hob and milling cutter is not the same.