A guide to buying a watch for beginners(dress watches)

252 Published by admin Apr 09,2019

On the other end of the horological scale from tool watches are dress watches, though, as we've seen, they can overlap. Dress watches value looks over practicality and are often worn as open statements of wealth and status that are hidden beneath a facade of simplicity. They tend to be thin, sleek, light and are generally designed to make an understatement rather than a splash. Think a Bentley rather than a Ferrari.

The Longines Column-Wheel MonoPusher Chronograp

Designed for evening wear and more formal occasions, dress watches have a minimum of functions. Many don't even run to a seconds hand and a moon phase display is stretching things. The size is proportional to the wrist and some have small, hard-to-read hands and not even marks for the quarter hours. However, thanks to a certain 007, dive watches can often be seen peeking out of a tuxedo cuff.