Classic Diver Watch You Can Take Anywhere

224 Published by admin Oct 15,2019

Classic Diver Watch You Can Take Anywhere

At some point, when you’re out skiing or sailing or scuba diving, you just have to get tired of the activity tracking and constant WhatsApp notifications that define today’s smartwatches. When you do, allow me to suggest you consider wearing something more… timeless.

The notion of leaving your “good watch” behind when you go adventuring runs counter to what a quality timepiece is all about. A watch should be the one gear item you can wear through thick and thin, collecting memories along the way. Your offspring will be so much more impressed if the watch you pass down has some scars on it from a lifetime of adventures. (And sorry, but that black plastic wrist computer looks lousy under your shirt sleeve come Monday morning.)

Traditional watches, those with hands on a dial, often driven by springs and gears, were state of the art for the entire twentieth century. Modern versions are even more robust. Here are five classic watches you can happily wear in harm’s way.

Agent 007 has been seen wearing a lot of different watches over the years, most notably the Rolex Submariner during the Sean Connery era and Omega Seamasters since the 1990s. But in 1987’s The Living Daylights, Bond (played by Timothy Dalton) wore a black TAG Heuer diving watch with a fully luminous light-colored dial. That watch has since been relegated to the minutiae of movie trivia, but this year, TAG Heuer gave it a nod with the release of its Aquaracer Night Diver.

TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer diver watch has long had a reputation for toughness and the Night Diver follows its lead. Its case is made from grade 2 titanium with a black PVD finish for enhanced scratch resistance, and the black rubber strap is finished with a titanium folding buckle that has an extension for wearing over a thick diving suit. The movement is a Swiss quartz motor, highly accurate and virtually immune to shock or vibration. True to its name, the Night Diver’s white dial glows in the dark, providing legibility into the abyss should you need to test the watch’s 300-meter depth rating.

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