How to choose one custom automatic factory from China ?

154 Published by admin Aug 01,2019

How to choose one china watches wholesale supplier?

I am sure you and many clients meet same problems, right ?

Your custom automatic watches are still not satisfied with you after wasting much money and much time after some time.

Yes, you can find many many watch factories from China ? but i am sure you will have more difficulty to tell which one is suitable for your company.

You choose a big China watch  factory ? or you want to choose one professional watch company ? All the clients want to choose one professional custom automatic watch factory i think.

Deogen- it is a watch brand name, Deogen only makes high quality automatic watches, mechanica watches, diver watches , precious metal watches , turbillon watches and skeleton watches, Deogen only use perfect quality Swiss and Japan and China automatic movements.

Deogen has a 5 watch engineering team to service client's high quality requests, and also salespersons are also very professional, they can help you and give good suggestion to make high quality watches with limited time and saving your costs and make your brand reputation in your market.


Do not forget to contact Deogen, they will show you how is the professional help for you.


Deogen cooperated watch brand :