Benefits Of Keeping Your Automatic Watches Running

120 Published by admin Dec 05,2019

Benefits Of Keeping Your Automatic Mechanical Watches Running

  1. Convenient – take out and just use it
  2. No need to adjust the time or date/day
  3. Will keep the internal mechanism running
  4. Ensure the lubricating oil won’t solidify or coagulate (for older and cheap movements)

The whole idea of keeping our automatic watches running is for convenience. It means we can just simply take out the watch from drawer and put it on.

No need to adjust the time and day/date whenever we want to use it. This saves time and is great for those Monday morning rush.

This is great for watches with complications such as moon phase and perpetual calendar that are designed to be running all the time for the complications to work perfectly.

Another benefit by keeping it running all the time is the internal mechanism will keep on running, thus preventing the lubricating oil from solidify or coagulate.

But this is only true for vintage watches and low quality watches that uses mineral oil. These oil will coagulate if the mechanism does not move for quite some time, making your watch to lose its accuracy or cannot even start.

But for new modern watches, synthetic oil is commonly used so this problem does not exist anymore.