What do you know about mechanical watch terminology?

104 Published by admin Apr 22,2019

Mechanical watch is a very precise timing instrument, for those who do not understand the table but want to buy a table, some professional terms to understand the table, will be very helpful.Small make up here to take you to understand some common sense about the watch.


Two hands: only the hour hand and minute hand, no second hand, mostly quartz watches, thin watches and women's watches.

Small three needle: second hand short, mostly located in the center of the dial and 6 braille between.

Three needles: the second hand is longer, and the time, minute and second are located in the center of the dial, on the same axis.Most watches today use this design.

Vibration frequency: the frequency above 28800 times/hour is high frequency table.

Now the Swiss watch movement more than 28800 times/hour, the characteristics of the high frequency table is: because the higher the frequency, the stronger the anti-interference ability, travel time accuracy is higher.The vibration frequency of mechanical table can be tested by professional testing equipment.Omega coaxial escapement is 25200 times/hour frequency, true force when, tag heuer is 36,000 times/hour frequency.

Power reserve display: also known as the energy display, intuitively, is usually in the dial will have a display window for power storage, also known as the energy display window, for the mechanical table, the need to show how long before the winding can run.

The butterfly fly is a small three needle and power reserve, but also includes a calendar display function.

Universal time: also known as Greenwich mean time, which is the local standard time, is also a form of earth's rotation rate.


Double time zone: a watch that displays two time zones (commonly referred to as a "GMT" watch). For a pointer watch, there are two adjustable hands, one indicating the local time and the other indicating the time in the second time zone.

Rolex Greenwich, most of the timepieces in this series can show two time zones, and the green needle on the dial above with a small triangle indicates the time of another time zone.

Timing: this from the semantics is very easy to understand, omega super series watches are basically timing;

The top button is the timer button and the bottom button is the reset button.

Understanding the above common sense, for our purchase of low-end watches or a certain help, can go a lot of mistakes, but also let us have more understanding of their own purchase of watches.As for high-end and top watches, there are some other functions, such as perpetual calendar, three questions, tourbillon and so on.