A true quality men’s wristwatch should have these features

76 Published by admin Aug 20,2019

A true quality men’s wristwatch should have these features:

  • Comfort (comfortable to wear and use on a daily basis).
  • Accurate and reliable timekeeping. The movement could be quartz (battery driven), automatic or mechanical.
  • Strong and robust movement with a strong build quality.
  • Shock resistant movement.
  • Anti-magnetic movement.
  • Easily readable dial with luminescent dial indicators.
  • Solid and well built watches that are made to last.
  • Carefree and easy to use.
  • Water resistant down to a minimum of 200 meters – good for snorkeling and professional diving.
  • Versatility – can be used for almost any occasion. With a few exceptions, almost all recommended watches below can be used everyday and for formal and festive occasions.

A true quality men's wristwatch doesn’t have to be super expensive, and only accessible to people with six or seven figure incomes.

What’s truly important in a quality men’s watch, is what it can offer you for the amount you pay for it. Some of them are affordable and some of them are indeed expensive luxury watches made by premium brands.