One of the most accurate quartz watches in the world

114 Published by admin Apr 24,2019

Recently, CITIZEN released a quartz watch (in fact, there is already in 2018), its accuracy reached the annual error of 1 second, become the world's most accurate quartz watch.Quartz watch, we usually is to understand the electronic watch, but the electronic watch is not the same as quartz watch, its range bigger), with the development of science and technology, there are more and more the type of quartz, technology is becoming more and more mature, people naturally think battery-operated quartz watch should be no error, but instead, although quartz watch is very accurate, but there are still errors.

The look is so simple that you wouldn't think it was a great watch at all

In previous articles (some quartz watches that were once looked down upon are actually quite advanced), we have introduced in detail the working principle of quartz watches and the measures taken by the current mainstream quartz watches to improve accuracy.In simple terms, the quartz watch is used as an oscillator through a quartz oscillator, and then the oscillation frequency through the stepper motor and gear system to complete the final display, if there is a LCD screen also need to LCD components.In fact, it is more similar to the principle of mechanical table, but the power source and oscillator is different.

So what are the main factors affecting the accuracy of quartz watch?Temperature difference, magnetic field and vibration, among which temperature difference has the most obvious effect.Because internal quartz vibrator is a quartz crystal, not like a mechanical watch traditional metal balance spring are magnetic, so the influence of magnetic field for quartz watch is far smaller than that of mechanical watch, but the difference in temperature change on quartz vibrator has a very significant effect, at the end of a higher or lower temperatures, can let a quartz watch as severe deviation, even under normal temperature, the temperature change will be slight influence when walking.Whether it is mechanical watches or quartz watches, vibration will have an impact on the internal stability, the difference is the high frequency of quartz watches, vibration impact is the gear system.Therefore, a little more advanced quartz watch will compensate for these aspects of processing (magnetic field effect is very small, so generally do not do high anti-magnetic), in order to improve accuracy.

Some people may say that mechanical watch is art, mechanical natural error, precision is a pursuit, quartz watch precision is its natural advantage, and quartz watch is a tool table, the pursuit of extreme precision what is the significance?In fact, since the 1960 s, quartz watch has been in the pursuit of extreme precision, although with the help of modern technology, through the network and GPS can let the watch do not bad, but for quartz watch, how technology promoted by itself, let oneself reach extreme precision, is still a watchmaking constantly conquer technical direction.For the daily life of consumers, it does not mean much, and for the professional field, it is a must to conquer the territory, like the pursuit of extreme precision mechanical watch, is also the watchmaker's ideal.